Surveying and Mapping with Fixed Wing UAS: A Fly-Off Between Leading UAS Providers

I just came across a great White Paper by Black Swift Technology that compares their Swift Trainer Fixed Wing UAS with the Sensefly Ecobee and the Trimble UX5.  Of course, it shows how well the Swift Trainer does compared to the others.  Shocker that their study shows it out pereforms the rest!  If you are interested in Fixed Wing UAS Technology you should read the comparison.

Here is a link to the White Paper:  Surveying and Mapping with Fixed Wing UAS: A Fly-Off Between Leading UAS Providers

ASPRS Technical Presentation February 17 at SLU

The Heartland Region of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) will hold a technical meeting on February 17 at 4:30 PM at St. Louis University. Details are below:

Title: Better Data, Better Decisions: East-West Gateway’s Spatial Data Enhancement Initiatives

Abstract: East-West Gateway Council of Governments has invested in several datasets to improve geospatial analysis and planning efforts in the St. Louis region. This presentation will showcase investments in orthoimagery, detailed land cover mapping, and wetland mitigation/restoration potential. All of the data presented is available for anyone to use at no cost. Come learn about what we have, how we use it and how you can use it too!

Bio: Jennifer Reiman is the Manager of GIS Services at East-West Gateway Council of Governments, serving the St. Louis region of Missouri and Illinois. Ms. Reiman supports the transportation, environmental and community planning efforts of the Council by providing maps, database reports and spatial analysis services. She earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies & Regional Planning from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and has been at East-West Gateway since 2007.

Location: Des Peres Hall, Room 204, 3694 West Pine Mall, Saint Louis, Missouri 63108

Time: February 17, 4:30PM

Parking directions: LacLede Visitor parking

VerticalGeo’s 2015 Story Map

Here is VerticalGeo’s 2015 Story Map. This map contains an overview of the major projects we worked on for 2015. When people ask what you do sometimes a maps speaks a thousand words. Please feel welcome to share this:

You can also access this Story Map using this link.

Using ArcGIS Online as Part of a Data Collection Workflow

Bethany Marshall is speaking about using ArcGIS Online in our workflow during a Tree Survey we recently completed at the next American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Heartland Region Technical Meeting. Here is a copy of the ASPRS Flyer. So proud of her!

Arc GIS Online Presentation

Cleaning LiDAR Tiles: Tug and Barge

Cleaning more LiDAR tiles today.  This one includes a Tug and Barge combination that I found in the middle of the Mississippi River near New Madrid, Missouri.  No one will ever know it was there when I get done with the tile.  The top view is a cross section elevation and shows what the elevations look like from the side.  The bottom view is an overhead look at the Tug and Barge.

Tug and Barge near New Madrid, Missouri
Tug and Barge near New Madrid, Missouri

Employment Opportunity: Aeronautical Information Specialist

VerticalGeo currently has the following employment opportunities:

Aeronautical Information Specialist:

Job Description:  Aeronautical Information Specialists perform a wide range of duties covering aeronautical and airfield source analysis. Responsibilities include reviewing aeronautical source information, developing terminal procedures from foreign aeronautical source documents, and reviewing aeronautical products prior to delivery.  Specialists have comprehensive experience with and knowledge of aeronautical procedures in their support of national security goals and strategies. They research, collect, analyze, evaluate, integrate and recommend sources for the production of aeronautical data and products.

Required Experience:  B.S. in Aeronautics.  In lieu of degree at least an FAA Commerical Certificate and Instrument rating and at least 500 flight hours to include at least 25 hours in simulated or actual instrument conditions.  Military aircrew members with at least 4 years experience is acceptable.  In lieu of airman credentials, Air Traffic Controllers must have at least four years of controlling experience to include experience with terminal instrument procedures.  Supervises the production of geospatial data and products to specification per defined procedures.   Performs routine and difficult feature attribution processes.  Manage production of work packages and provide interface to project management.  Demonstrate mastery of established aeronautical information production processes, software, and tools on a daily basis.  Provide technical expertise and on-the-job training of workflow processes, lead normal tasks and projects, and make regular recommendations for process and productivity improvements.  Extensive experience with the  Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Bentley V8i Map, and FTP data transfer processes.  Excellent written and oral communications skills.  Able to supervise others in the completion of the aeronautical information workflow.

If you are interested in this opportunity please send your resume to Dr. Rick Marshall at