VerticalGeo creates, maintains, manages, integrates, and visualizes geospatial data for a variety of customers.  VerticalGeo served as a subcontractor to Leidos on the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command (AMC) GeoBase contract and worked with the AMC Installations and Mission Support Directorate to accomplish:

  • Standing up an ArcGIS Server Advanced system hosting an Oracle enterprise database with AMC’s ESRI Spatial Data Engine (SDE) geodatabase containing all AMC installation and environmental geospatial data
  • Providing command-wide infrastructure and environmental data visualization services
  • Creating deployment planning geospatial data for AMC’s Contingency Response Wings (DoD’sFirst Responders)
  • Providing web-based maps for all events at the Air Mobility Rodeo 2011, the largest airdrop competition in the world. This included creating aircraft parking plans, and mapping all low level flying.

Here is a screenshot of the web-based mapping viewer integration platform we created for Air Mobility Rodeo 2011.  All the flying routes and a live NextRad weather map were were overlaid on top of a physical terrain map as a situational awareness viewer.

Air Mobility Rodeo Situational Awareness Viewer 2011


Here is a screenshot of a small portion of the 2011 Air Mobility Rodeo parking plan that VerticalGeo created to help manage parking over 130 aircraft from 30 different countries on one airfield. Operations, Maintenance, Aerial Port, and Mission Support representatives used our Situational Awareness Viewer to make their support more effective.

Air Mobility Rodeo Parking Plan 2011
Air Mobility Rodeo Parking Plan 2011