Employment Opportunity: Aeronautical Information Specialist

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Aeronautical Information Specialist:

Job Description:  Aeronautical Information Specialists perform a wide range of duties covering aeronautical and airfield source analysis. Responsibilities include reviewing aeronautical source information, developing terminal procedures from foreign aeronautical source documents, and reviewing aeronautical products prior to delivery.  Specialists have comprehensive experience with and knowledge of aeronautical procedures in their support of national security goals and strategies. They research, collect, analyze, evaluate, integrate and recommend sources for the production of aeronautical data and products.

Required Experience:  B.S. in Aeronautics.  In lieu of degree at least an FAA Commerical Certificate and Instrument rating and at least 500 flight hours to include at least 25 hours in simulated or actual instrument conditions.  Military aircrew members with at least 4 years experience is acceptable.  In lieu of airman credentials, Air Traffic Controllers must have at least four years of controlling experience to include experience with terminal instrument procedures.  Supervises the production of geospatial data and products to specification per defined procedures.   Performs routine and difficult feature attribution processes.  Manage production of work packages and provide interface to project management.  Demonstrate mastery of established aeronautical information production processes, software, and tools on a daily basis.  Provide technical expertise and on-the-job training of workflow processes, lead normal tasks and projects, and make regular recommendations for process and productivity improvements.  Extensive experience with the  Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Bentley V8i Map, and FTP data transfer processes.  Excellent written and oral communications skills.  Able to supervise others in the completion of the aeronautical information workflow.

If you are interested in this opportunity please send your resume to Dr. Rick Marshall at rick.marshall@verticalgeo.com