QGIS Video #2: Digitizing Point Features

Welcome to our second QGIS training video.  In this video we will show how to create a point feature shapefile and add cultural landscape icons a small portion of Route 66 in QGIS.  We will be adding new videos to our YouTube channel frequently.

QGIS 3.0.0 (Girona) Available for Download

We have been using the free and open source Quantum GIS (QGIS) quite a bit over the last few months.  The newest version of QGIS, version 3.0.0 (Girona), has been released and is available for download free of charge here:


It is amazing to see the capability of QGIS these days.  If you are just getting started in the GIS world I would start by learning QGIS.  If you are experienced in your GIS capabilities then give it a try.