Aero Info

VerticalGeo translates global aeronautical terminal documents into DoD Volpe format using current host country aeronautical source material.  VerticalGeo utilizes Bentley Map V8i engineering software to create terminal documents. Translation of global aeronautical terminal documents into DoD Volpe format is accomplished utilizing a variety of aeronautical and nonaeronautical data sources.  When translating aeronautical terminal documents we source IFR Take-off minima, RADAR Instrument Approach minima, Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs), Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs), Standard Instrument Departure Procedures (SIDs), and Airport Diagrams.

Terminal Plates

Since March 2015  VerticalGeo has produced approximately 3500 departure and arrival plates for locations across the globe.  VerticalGeo hires the most experienced Aeronautical Information Specialists in the industry.  We currently have four former US Air Force Air Traffic Controllers/Airfield Managers, a Commercial Pilot, and a former Air Mobility Command Aircrew member on our staff.  Whether you need us to develop an approach plate from an existing procedure, an airfield diagram, or help manage airfield operations we have experienced staff who can be counted on to work seamlessly with your experts.